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Study in USA

USA Educational Consultant in Hyderabad

United States of America requires no introduction. It is the most commonly heard name among all the sections of the society, worldwide. Its compelling beauty, interesting culture and friendly people makes USA worth-visiting at least once in a lifetime.
With the overflowing of tourists and international students, the USA has become a largely diverse country with many cultures, diversities, traditions and languages. It has been a major tourist destination for its rich history, advanced technology, charming small towns and many more!
They say, β€˜USA teaches your life’. True that. You survive in the USA, you can live anywhere. You will be challenged new circumstances each day. So every day is an adventure and as a result, you learn. USA always stood first in the global competition and has been making herself better; culturally, economically and academically.
USA has anything and everything a person wants; theme parks, beaches, mountains, national parks, Hollywood, delicious hot dogs, and of course! The tech innovations. From natural wonders to global cultures, it has you covered. Besides all these, its well-constructed educational system cannot be forgotten. USA is the home to most of the world’s top universities. The best universities to study in USA are Stanford, Columbia, Harvard, and Princeton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and many others. Their extremely skilled faculty, world-class facilities and wide range of courses which are built on the research activities. Here’s a guide for Indian students who aspire to study in USA.
Did you know?
According to the analysis of UNESCO, the Indian student-community in America has increased by a whopping 163% over the years. Jaw dropping, isn’t it?

USA’s education system:

USA is the most preferred study-destination in the world-market; especially among the Indian households who always dreamt to study in the USA. It’s very fascinating to know that in every 2 students out of 5, prefer USA to pursue their higher education. That is, each year, the USA accommodates 8 million international students from all corners of the globe to seek better educational opportunities.
The education system in the USA is offered by the public, private and home schools, where the students are provided with an abundance of courses at a very affordable yet in quality-oriented approach. Consequently, the educational system of the USA offers a wide spectrum of choices in arts, law, medicine, business science & technology and any kind of vocational courses for that matter.
The USA’s educational system is built on the high standards where students can make maximum gain from what is being taught. What makes the education in USA distinct to other countries is its approach towards education. They believe in the principle of healthy, flexible and lively classroom atmosphere that boosts the potential of students to put extra efforts in the process of learning. The American education is more about discussions and giving out opinions and ideas that keeping the sessions interactive and productive.
Their teaching methodology motivates the students to excel in their non-academic field of interest as well as develop the art of critical thinking and problem solving. Therefore, the educational system of USA values more about individual teaching. America has contributed big time to the scientific research and development sector which is of course no other country did.

Tuition Fee:

United States is β€˜the epitome of quality education’ in the modern learning era. However, the education in the USA is decentralized and independent that is significantly expensive, but hey! It’s totally worth the facilities. Thanks to the various educational sectors (public and private), where you can not only choose the courses and subjects but you also choose the type of university with wide range of options, also! Fee expenditure can be curbed. The fee can be decided by the institution on the basis of various departments, subject course- its demand, specific subject costs and estimated salary of the student once he/she graduates. While some countries differs its fee structure from universities, USA differs its fee structure from on/off state. The education from the private sector differs an observing 10.4% more expensive than the public. An average fee structure varies between $5,000-$50,000 and approximately $1, 32,860 for four-year degree courses. However, the quality of education, infrastructure and opportunities remains the same but there are limited research resources since funded by private endowments. Nevertheless, it depends on the individual’s preference on how to allocate the budget.

Accommodation and living expenses in USA:

Imagine going to a new country and you waste away all your money. In a country like America, β€˜Cost analysis’ is the key component. Plan your budget according to the way you would want you live. Here is how you do it!
Tuition fee being the primary expense, the living expenses are extremely important to help endure yourself. If your tuition fees are managed, then your expenses are sorted. The living and accommodation expenses can be much more affordable than you can ever imagine. Finding accommodation in USA is quite easy as you are offered by an ocean of options. Some universities provide accommodation to its students within the universities, which is relatively cheaper option than sharing a room, hostel or a pay guest options. However, these options are solely location sensitive.
Despite compromising in the budget-game, there are few expenses you can’t really come to terms with, like the books, travel, food, clothing and entertainment, health insurance and many others. You are estimated around $10,000-$12,000 per year which is quite affordable.
So what have you decided?


Does the numbers in the above section give you anxiety attacks? Well. Don’t worry. America makes its educational facilities available to everybody, putting forward a wide range of scholarship schemes for the potential students in all kinds of vocational courses in USA.
The scholarships in USA can be two categories; full and partial. The government will be funding on your behalf throughout the course and may make the student eligible for the in-state tuition fee student policy i.e. partial scholarships. The prime intention of scholarships is to utilize the resources of the university to accomplish your educational goals as well as the goals of the university. Most Indians either apply for MS or MBA.
USA, specifically has a set of scholarship programs for Indians in the degrees. Here are a few popularly applied Indian scholarship programs to study in USA.
1. Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships: the government.
2. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian students.
3. The Indian Trust Fellowship.
4. Tata Scholarships for Cornell University.
5. American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship.

Degrees you get in USA:

USA’s world-class educational facilities are spread to every nook and corner of the globe. American educational system is well put up and is notorious for its prominent research activities, excellence and convenience. The American educational system provides a wide range of courses in a field of study like the associate, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree levels- making it possible to choose education that one always dreamt of. Let us now take a quick of them.
Associate degree:
Associate degree is a 2-3 year course where students can directly jump into the professional training right after finishing high school. Vocational associate degrees usually range from literature to computer training courses. These courses are usually found on community colleges, technical or vocation-oriented colleges and at some universities as well. Associate of Arts (AA), Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN), Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.), Associate of Science (AS) are some of the most chosen associate degree courses.
Undergraduate degrees are a 3-4 years termed courses, usually competitive than associate degrees. The Bachelors in Arts (B.A) and Bachelors in Science B.S) are the most commonly preferred degrees among a large section of the student community. However, these degree courses are further categorized depending on the graduate degree courses.
Masters are the highest type of degree, where you are taught the advanced and in-depth research training programs in a specific subject. Project work and hands-on experiences are the key aspects in this level. Therefore, studying masters could get a little pricey. However, you can apply for various scholarships available to study masters in USA. MA, MS and MBA are popularly chosen degrees with many varieties.
USA has the best PhD/doctoral courses than the rest of the world. Students can enroll into any master’s degree depending on their area of interest. America, known for its research and experimental background is the best destination for your higher education. But, beware of the competition out there!


USA, the land of opportunities has always been the most favorite student-destination since quite a long time now. The people of America are quite receptive for new professions and therefore the new vocational courses are budding and so are the employment opportunities. It’s the university that nurtures your skills, efforts and personality.
The immigration service regulations allow international students to work 40+ hours while studying. However, you need to enroll for a study-work or paid-internship program if you wish to gain work experience.
A degree from the university of USA is the most important asset that assures you job anywhere in the world. USA, the major economic center will never run out of work opportunities.
No wonder America is a melting pot of cultures, religions and languages.
Certainly, a sizeable proportion of Indians have accomplished their dream of settling in the USA. It’s your turn now!

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