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Scholarship facilities to study in UK

Scholarship facilities to study in UK

Among the top 10 things that the UK is famous for, its educational institutions occupy the third place. Undoubtedly, the UK is the home to some of the best educational universities which the world's student population craves to study. Universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London and the University College London are among the world's top 20.

Fun fact:

Although both Cambridge and Oxford have occupied a greater position in the world's top universities table, you have 26% chances to get into Cambridge whereas only 17% for Oxford university.
To know why you should choose the UK to study abroad, go it the UK page.
Certainly, a large chunk of study-enthusiasts contemplates studying in the UK's best university for several reasons. Despite its expensive-nature, 458,520 international students were attending the Universities of UK as of the academic year 2017-18. The tuition fee is the major expense and then the living expenses for an international student. And therefore all of us are aware that education in the UK is not very inexpensive.
Everybody aspires to study in the top universities around the world but the only lucky ones are those who can afford to study abroad in a country like the UK. However, the UK is widely known for its generosity. The country offers many scholarship facilities to the needy and deserved students around the world. Yes! That's right. The Universities of the UK have a large number of scholarship programs; some for university-based while some are institution-based.
To know more about the scholarship facilities to study in the UK, let's quickly dive into the top 7 scholarship programs of UK!
Before scooping inside the topic, here's a suggestion that enables you to achieve your dream country in the British Empire.
Studying abroad is not as easy as you thought it would be. It involves a lot of research, expert guidance and skill. Accordingly, there are many Abroad Education consultancies in Hyderabad to give professional guidance from planning the budget to post-study departure.


To know which scholarship suits your academic program, go approach the best UK education consultancy services in Hyderabad, today!

UK government scholarships-

Chevening Scholarships-

This scholarship is for Chevening eligible countries and we're glad that India is one among them. Students aspiring to study a one-year master's degree are granted full tuition fee including the economy class airfare and necessary living expenses to the candidates. Grab the opportunity to be among the 1500 Chevening scholarship holder with the help of a foreign education consultant to ease the process!

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships-

This scholarship is granted by the Department for International Development (DFID) for the developing Commonwealth countries, for the Masters or PhD degrees. Usually, this scholarship includes the airfare to and from the UK, personal basic expenses, and examination and tuition fees.

Commonwealth Fellowship Plan-

Similar to the Commonwealth Masters Scholarship program, this scholarship is to make a necessary contribution to the student's home country with the advanced courses they learn in the UK. This scholarship covers the program's tuition fee, one economy-class return and many others.

Institution specific scholarships

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships-scholarship is for Indian students with exceptional academic Excellency and looking forward to pursuing doctoral studies in the fields of science and technology, economics and social sciences. This scholarship is usually fully funded including the tuition fees, visa fee, international airfare, monthly regular living expenses.

The Global Study Awards-

This scholarship is for the study-enthusiasts to expand their intercultural understanding. The deserving scholars will be offered funds worth £10,000. However, this scholarship is opened twice a year only. Test your luck by applying to the most beneficial scholarship program. Hurry up and consult overseas educational services in Hyderabad for expert assistance.

Felix Scholarship-

The scholarship is for academically outshining or disadvantaged students in developing countries. This scholarship is for the students who aim to pursue post-graduation in the top universities of the UK. Pursuing higher education in the UK's top universities became easier with Felix Scholarship Trust!
You should've completed a Bachelors degree with excellent academic record ageing not more than 30.

British Council Great Scholarships for Indian students-

The scholarship is probably the most chosen scholarship by most of the foreign students. Every year they announce a whopping £2.6 million funds to over 198 scholarships in the UK's 40 best Universities. These scholarships are for both Postgraduate and undergraduate levels ranging from art and design to engineering, law and management courses.
Why spend so much, when you can save a lot?

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