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Role & Importance of Overseas Education Consultants

Role & Importance of Overseas Education Consultants

Abroad education is a common thing in mind for many students who are pursuing 10+2 and graduation programs in India. Majority of the aspirants are not aware of which country to choose and which course to select for their higher studies. Further, they are not aware of the clear application processes for admission & study permit. To address these shortcomings, CIAV is extending foreign educational services and became the best abroad education consultants in Hyderabad. Let us see the role of abroad education consultants in determining your chances of getting admission from Universities and receiving study Visa.
Evaluation of Student Profile:
The abroad education consultant will first understand the student’s profile before suggesting the country and programs. This evaluation will land you in the right program suited to your profile.
Choosing Universities:
Abroad consultants like CIAV presents the students with all the options for choosing the right university for their program. You don’t have to go through the hard process of identifying all the universities and researching if you choose us. Our experienced counsellors elaborate all the processes and interact with universities on your behalf to get your admission at the earliest.
Overseas education consultants also offer awareness to students on University intakes, application deadlines, tuition fee, living expenses, part-time opportunities, scholarships etc. Further, they guide the students with pre-departure counselling on air ticket booking, packing, arrangement for accommodation, part-time assistance etc.
Preparation for Language & other Eligibility Tests:
Some consultants provide training to clear the eligibility tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT whose scores are highly essential in securing admissions in top universities.
Having the right set of documents is key while applying for admission or visa. Educational Consultants ensure that your application is perfect with the complete documentation list as per the university and embassy requirements.
Foreign Exchange:
You will be required to clear your tuition fee and for some countries required to deposit living expenses in their banks which require you to transfer money to foreign nations. Abroad education consultants can refer you the Forex agent with best currency conversion rate which saves your funds when transferring a higher amount to other countries.
Bank Loans:
Since abroad education involves higher investment, many students prefer to opt for education loans. With proper guidance of educational consultants, students can get their loans sanctioned easily. within a short time and avoid the delays in clearing their term fees.
Usually, students are not aware of the several financial assistantships offered to international students in the form of scholarships and bursaries. Overseas educational consultants will guide the students in applying for eligible financial aids within application deadline times. This financial assistance will reduce the overall expenditure for the parents.
These are the various benefits students can gain with the assistance of abroad education consultants. If you are looking for overseas education services in Hyderabad, CIAV is the right place for you.

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Role & Importance of Overseas Education Consultants

Abroad education is a common thing in mind for many students who are pursuing 10+2 and graduation programs in India.